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  • Director general
    D.G. Macpherson
  • Fundada
  • Tamaño de la empresa
    más de 10 000
  • Ingresos
    más de $10 mil millones USD
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Gerente Interino de Cuentas por Pagar en Arraiján, Provincia de Panamá Oeste
el 5 marzo 2020
Buen ambiente laboral
Excelente equipo de trabajo, ambiente diverso, profesionales
el 19 marzo 2021
Good salary but management is not
At least for me, management doesn't do anything at all for my career growth, is so obvious that in order to succeed I need to be someone's friend, I don't even understand the mission or vision of the company and usually they don't even tell you about future decisions they have on mind so all changes just come as a bucket with cold water and the changes on processes are not smooth at all. So your ideas or words are not even considered, the day I left to be part of another company they treated me so poorly just because I didn't tell my manager I was applying at other places wth! They made me resign without 15 days notice.
Accounts Receivable Specialist en Panamá
el 6 enero 2021
Good company but poor leadership
Pros- Multinational company enviroment is excellent.- Company offers great benefits to employees (health, transportation, discounts).- Technical and infrastructure very advanced.- Organization with good economical stability.Cons- Slow movements and no room for growth inside the organization.- Salary is very low compared to the market and the demanding duties of the role.- Too much micromanagement, no trust with employees.- Leadership team not capacitated to be in charge of an entire team.- If you provide feedback, instantly they place a tag to you as sign of Retaliation.- Internal jobs interviews are pointless since candidate who is promoted was already preselected before the rest of the candidates perform their interview.- Inconsistent feedback, most of occasions the feedback contradictory to the previous one.**Highlight:Put attention on the most tenure team members with more years of service who are seeking new challenges and opportunities of growth. Doesn't make any sense to name someone Top performer on Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 and they still on the same role doing the exact same thing over and over. On Grainger Panama Services because of the terrible management and leaders in charge of this location, If you work here you must be aware that you gonna search for the opportunities by yourself.A Leader job description includes to help their team to growth and improve in every aspect but it seems that they intereprect this responsability as schedule you 1 hour meeting per month just chat about your metrics.There's no mentorship, or care about the employee professional achievements and aspirations, they just arrive to the office from 8am to 5pm, attend mysterious meetings all day long that no one knows for what and that's it.
Cross reference en Panama pacifico
el 14 mayo 2020
Todo bien
Aun no trabajo para la empresa recientemente aplique online a la espera de respuestas
SOURCING SPECIALIST en Panama Pacifico, Panama
el 19 abril 2020
Ambiente muy profesional
En Grainger he aprendido a relacionarme con vendedores y clientes de un manera muy profesional. El ambiente es muy profesional, supervisores y colegas. Es una compania que recomendaria a cualquier persona que le gustaria tener un trabajo estable y profesional

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